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International Protocol & Strategic Networking
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Including (post-) pandemic chapter

Although modern life grows increasingly casual, in many sectors, protocol still reigns supreme. An Experts’ Guide to International Protocol offers an overview of its associated practices, including those found within the context of diplomatic relations and the business world. Focusing on a wide range of countries and cultures, the book covers topics like seating arrangements, the history and use of flags, ceremonies, invitations and dress codes, gifts and decorations and the roles of the protocol officer, guest, and host. Throughout, influential diplomatic, business, and cultural figures share their own experiences with protocols around the world, also throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also available in Spanish and Mandarin, but not yet including the (post-) pandemic chapter.

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I think that the authors’ intent for this book has great value and extends far beyond national borders. There are so many emerging nations that may still be searching for suitable forms of protocol like those so clearly expressed in this book. I therefore heartily recommend this volume to everyone working in an international corporate or diplomatic environment and any country looking for the best way to apply international protocol.

Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
Former Secretary-General, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

A book like this is also extremely important for the business world in the sense that anyone who comes into contact with the outside world needs to know the rules, and this can help enormously, especially today. In the past, you often learned about all of this at home, as part of your upbringing, but times have changed and the world is more complex now. We become independent at a younger age and have much more responsibility. So we need to make sure that the younger generation is trained what to do. This book would definitely help to do that.

Mr Martin van Pernis
Former President of the Board, Siemens, the Netherlands

Proper protocol is essential to effective diplomacy and business. This important, and illuminating book, shows why and how protocol is necessary to conduct diplomacy and global business around the world.

Ambassador Ivo Daalder
President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former US Permanent Representative to NATO

Absolutely agree with the authors: diplomacy has never been more important as we face this global challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. And as always, diplomacy and protocol will adapt and innovate to continue being the existential base requirement for international relations, and an essential ingredient in international collaboration and problem solving.

Mr Stewart Wheeler
Chief of Protocol of Canada


For more than two decades Mark’s career has been focused on protocol, diplomacy, event management, and strategic networking on local, national and international levels and has brought him to six continents. In different occupational capacities he has been involved in coordinating state visits, conferences with foreign dignitaries, one-on-one meetings, national commemorations and celebrations, receptions, dinners, concerts and sports events, as well as numerous business forums and university visits. Mark’s expertise is combining vision and policy with performance and hospitality.

In 2016, Mark founded his training and consultancy firm INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOL & STRATEGIC NETWORKING. Since then, he delivered training programmes and masterclasses to governments, international organisations, educational institutes and corporations in a.o. New York, San Diego, Kathmandu, Thimphu, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Lagos, Geneva, Madrid, Dublin and Brussels. Mark is also available for interim assignments.

Besides, Mark is active as Strategic Adviser Stakeholder Management at the National Committee for 4 and 5 May in Amsterdam. The National Committee helps determine how meaning is given to commemorating and celebrating and to how the memory of the Second World War is kept alive. It organises the national observance of Remembrance Day on 4 May and the Liberation Day activities on 5 May. In 2019 and 2020 the Netherlands marked 75 years of freedom with a multitude of additional prominent and virtual events.

In his previous position as Head of Protocol of the City of The Hague (2010-2018), Mark  was responsible for the external relations of the city executive with a wide variety of stakeholders in the governmental, diplomatic, social, corporate and academic world, and was advisor for all internal parties on matters related to protocol, intercultural communication, ceremonies, conferences and events. He also represented the mayor on a wide range of diplomatic events in order to strengthen the image of The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice. Beforehand, Mark has worked for The Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan (2008-2009), The Royal Household of the Netherlands (2005-2007) and the Protocolbureau in The Hague (1999-2003). Mark studied at the Hotelschool The Hague (1999-2003) and obtained his Masters’ degrees in International Relations & International Communication at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia (2004-2005).


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